The compassionate advocates
at the Pregnancy Help Center give respectful, honest answers and offer you free laboratory-grade pregnancy testing, pregnancy information/options
and many other services that can guide you through this crucial point in your life--pregnant or not.  You have a legal and ethical right to be fully informed.


Knowledge is Power.

Know Your Options.


Pregnancy is not in your plans, but you think you are pregnant. You may feel afraid, lonely, confused or angry. 
Discover empowering and
comforting options.

If our location is not convenient for you, please visit 
Or if you need help after hours, call:

Most pregnancy care centers offer free pregnancy tests, counseling, baby items and valuable information.

Hours of Operation: 

Tuesday &  Wednesday, 10am - 3pm 
(call ahead if you are able 765-647-2029)

Emergency (call any time): 513-460-3443

All services are free and confidential.


Gospel Of Life Ministry Center Inc
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