Incentive Programs

Receive a FREE GIFT for each session you attend! 

Upon completing all required sessions within a series, you will also receive a GIFT CARD of your choice equal to $5 for each session of the series.  For example, the Parenting series is seven sessions, so you would receive a $35 (7 x $5) gift card!

For those individuals who need maternity or baby items: Additionally, you will receive BABY BUCKS after attending each session with which you may use to "purchase" certain items from the Baby Boutique (like diapers and large baby items). Clothing, shoes, diaper bags, bottles, toys, baby bedding, etc. are free (no baby bucks needed).

Best of all, you will also receive something priceless: KNOWLEDGE

Freedom to Love: Harmonizing Sex, Love & Happiness

The Center offers four different Freedom to Love classes:

1.) Romance Without Regret, 1 session (for teens and young adults, male and female): Whether you are in a relationship, looking for love, or just laying low, this compelling talk given by a young engaged couple will inspire you with its honesty and frankness to find the romance you want and deserve.

2.) Healing Your Hurts: Sexual Health, 8-10 sessions (for women): This video series features Douglas Weiss, Ph.D., a leading expert on sexual trauma, brokenness, and abuse.  Yearning for freedom?  Give us a call!  With God's help, you CAN experience peace.

3.) The Gift: Your Call to Greatness, 1 session (for men and women): What will bring you the happiness we all long for?  What is the "gift" that God desires to give us?  Why were we created male and female?  What is the "language" of the body"?...and much, much more!

4.) Freedom to Love for Young Adults, 5 sessions: Prepare yourself for what could be the most AWESOME program you have ever participated in!!  No Kidding!  

The program includes:

       1) A brief overview of the Theology of the Body.  2) Exploring what freedom is and is not.  3) Exploring what love is and is not.  4) The "why" behind the "what" of sexual morality.  5) Living the freedom of love.

Fertility Program

The Beauty of You and Your Femininity, 3 sessions (for all women and couples): The average woman can tell you how babies are made, but very few know how their own bodies work.  This video series will teach you how to monitor and maintain your reproductive health and how to protect the amazing gift of your fertility.

Parenting Program 

Parenting Tips, 7 sessions (for all parents) What does it take to be a good parent?  This video series examines the traits parents want their children to have and how they can model those traits for their children.  The cameras record real-life parenting moments of 20 families--married, single, and blended--moments we can all relate to.  Learn how to be the parent you want to be within a small group setting of other young parents striving to be the best parents they can be.

Contact the Center to schedule your session.  We look forward to helping you!


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