Take a moment look through the links below. These resources are available for you so that you can find the help you need. 

Assistance With Food/Groceries:     
AMS Embroidery and Signs: Phone # 513-313-1613. Address: 110 S. Main St. Brookville, IN 47012.

Young women with unexpected pregnancies share their stories and find support: http://standupgirl.com/web/

Abortion Procedures and Risks (you have a right to know): http://optionline.org/abortioneducation

Will you be at risk for emotional problems after abortion?  http://afterabortion.org/2011/abortion-risks-a-list-of-major-psychological-complications-related-to-abortion/

After abortion: 
       Find a pregnancy help center near you:

   Information about Pregnancy:
Information on opioids and pain killers during pregnancy: